Apply to Microsoft Networking Fundamentals

Thank you for your interest in Osiris Technology Pathways.  We look forward to answering your questions at our upcoming information session.  Below is important information regarding the application process. 



Application Fee:  NONE 

Book Fee:  $25.00 

Email Address:  The Student e-mail is required.  To be sure that we can provide the quickest way to either answer your questions or to create teaming projects whereby learners can communicate with each other, we require you to provide us with an e-mail address. 

Date of Birth (DOB):  This information is needed to help identify your records within the system and ensure that all of your data is matched together.  If you provide your DOB, it will be used by the organization officials for positive identification and required state reporting.  It may also be used within the system for purposes such as consumer and alumni relations. 

Please Select a Course:  Do not apply for more than course. 

Notification of Admission:  You will receive notification via email that you’ve been admitted to the Microsoft MTA 98-366 certification course.  You will be invited to an orientation session where you will have an opportunity to ask questions. 

For more information, contact  

"The job retentions skills I've learned from participating in the Osiris employment program has helped tremendously. Working in the computer labs and being a mentor to younger youth was the most enjoyable." 

~ L.H.