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Osiris Organization has a team of writers who are determined to motivate urban youth and those interested in the growth of urban youth. We like to emphasize the importance of youth and technology, entrepreneurship, mentorship, and love for one's self.
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Shelbie M. Moore

The Millennials Aiming for Greatness

I sat with an elder this past week who said to me, “You millennials are so geared toward be the best.” It was funny to hear him, only 42 years old, talking about the advantages of the generation following him. The thought stuck out to me because, in my mind, everyone should aim to be the best. The idea that the millennials were the first generation to do it was unbelievable.

The more he spoke, the more he made me realize the millennial generation is the first generation to outnumber the baby boomers. Our numbers, combined with being in the age of information and technology, does indeed put us ahead in the race for greatness. If we all banned together, we could make political and economic changes that can change the entire of face of capitalism (just an example of our power). 

The trick we millennials have to remember is with great power comes great responsibility. We will be expected to be greater than those before us because we now have the opportunity to do so. Every day we see that there is a new young entrepreneur doing something fantastic that was near impossible 50 years ago.
Moziah Bridges, CEO of Mo’s Bows since he was 12 years old
David Knapp, Creator of Tumblur social media platform, now only 29 years old
Leanna Archer, founder of Leanna inc haircare line, founded company at 11 years old

With our access to social media we are constantly aware of those succeeding around us. This can do one of two things to our psyche as millennials – we can use it to empower us or to destroy us.

We in this generation have to stay above the intimation and focus on the greatness. Other generations are looking at us to be amazing. Not only because we can, but because for the first time in a long time, there are less barriers to see our goals. Our ancestors want to smile down on us. They want to know the paths they rooted into the ground for us to follow were worthy of our steps.

We have an obligation to leave to live the lives we want to live, and live them successfully. Not only for ourselves, but for our ancestors, and for our children. We have to tools to build greatness. 

Talk to you soon,


Shelbie M. Moore

Branding Yourself for You with Donna Canty as our Feature

Branding is the idea of giving something an identity or a spirit that is recognized everywhere. Many slogans and labels are being recognized for the companies behind them. Others are branding themselves as individuals to give themselves a label all their own. Donna Canty (Detroit, MI), free spirit and innovator, has taken branding herself to another level. She has given herself a name to be recognized and a creed to live by.


Donna created her brand to fill a need she noticed around her. Her brand is WizeOwlzBringInTOBeing640. The name of her brand stems from a few different places: links to her favorite scriptures, to her favorite animal, and even the exact time of day she realized where her brand was needed.

Donna noticed the darkness swarming around her and decided it was time to turn on the light. That light represents hope, wisdom, and building habits to help shift the lives around her. WizeOwlzBringIntoBieng640 is a brand that represents the light we all need on our darkest days.


Even her logo is a creation of pure abstract energy that represents her acceptance of her own personality and mindset. Donna knows that people need to accept themselves as something grander than they realize they are. She hopes to inspire those around her to, more than anything, be themselves and bring the light forward.

As the creator of WizeOwlzBringIntoBieng640, Donna encourages everyone the brand themselves once they have a positive message to share. She wants everyone to turn lemons into lemonade and pass out full glasses to those around them.

Shelbie M. Moore

STEM vs STEAM: What do YOU choose?


Many of us have heard of STEM school programs. STEM school programs cover career opportunities that are in high demand including the science, technology, engineering, and math fields.  With technology becoming so vital in our workforce today, these elements of education must be taught to give our children the chance to achieve success. 

However, some parents and teachers are calling for STEAM programs vs. STEM programs. STEAM includes the arts as an essential tool that students have the right to utilize. Some people vote STEAM and other vote STEM in their schools. Some claim art isn’t nearly as important as the core components of STEM, and others say that art is as valuable for our children as the other subjects.

STEM programs have more emphasis on the basics. It focuses on understanding how all the components play a role with one another, and how knowing enough about each subject can give you the best careers in this growing technology world.

STEAM programs tend to be more abstract and add a little spice to the remaining subjects. Some STEAM programs use the arts as a tool to teach skills such as creative entrepreneurship or digital production.

We want to hear your thoughts! Do the arts belong in a STEM world or is STEAM just as valuable for our schools to incorporate? Many schools have chosen their side, which program would you want your children to be involved in?

Comment below!

Shelbie M. Moore

Larry Hand - Becoming a Mentor

After taking a few lessons from Bill Roddy, co-founder of the Osiris Organization, Larry knew it was time to put the pieces together to create his own mentoring program. Larry has begun the foundation work for his mentoring company “Hands Family Mentoring”. He has an idea and is working on the plan to unfold this initiative.

While Larry was coming up from the hard times of his adolescence, he knew he would not have found success without the great people and programs accessible for him. He was a kid going against the odds in order to become more than a negative statistic. He is looking to help kids, who were just like him, develop themselves professionally and personally.

Larry plans to create scholarships, entrepreneurship programs, computer technology programs, and even an internship for his construction company.

“It is important to show and promote mentorship. If no one had mentored me, I wouldn’t have had the courage to begin my own journey.” – Larry Hand

Larry plans to launch “Hands Family Mentoring” in 2018. At this point he would love to have a safe place for his mentees to rest and relax. Larry plans investing in a house that is helps kids get away from negative influences and grow into their own selves. This will be the biggest project he will take on and it plans to use this initiative to make his mark in a lot of lives. 

Shelbie M. Moore

Larry Hand - An Osiris Organization Success Story

The Osiris Organization’s founders, Bill and Gail Roddy, have helped adolescents turns their lives from something expected, to something extraordinary. Larry Hand, one of the mentees of the Osiris Organization entrepreneur program was in some trouble during his own adolescent years.

While Larry was incarcerated in a juvenile dentition center, Larry, and the boys sentenced around him, would get frequent visits from co-founder Bill Roddy. Bill would encourage the boys to play business skill building games such as “Rat Race” and “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”. During those sessions is where Larry learned how to become an entrepreneur.


 “Bill gave me a way to not turn back crime. He gave me a future,”
Larry said. 

Once Larry was released, he reached out to Bill to pursue his entrepreneurial dreams. Bill helped Larry establish his work ethic by employing him to work in one of his computer labs located in the Powderhorn Park of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Larry then was awarded a scholarship to Minneapolis Community Technical College where he earned his Associates degree.

Larry has now become the owner and operator behind Hands Construction LLC and associated company Hands Commercial Cleaning. Larry has also begun to take charge of his community and create a mentorship program. Learn more about Larry’s work at wwwhandsconstructionllc.com.

If you would like to see Bill Roddy make a change if your life, or the life of someone close to you, please click the Contact tab on our website and reach out us with questions!


Shelbie M. Moore

Turn Your Idea Into An Invention

The common thread that ties us to every other person in the world is that . . . we all have pet peeves. Those little things that either happen, or that people do out of habit, can drive us off the deep end. Some people take their pet peeve and bury it, roll their eyes at it, or ignore it. Others use their creativity to do something about it.

Anthony Roberts and William Cortez-Vega, students of Southern Poly Tech State University, decided that they no longer wanted “milk crusties” in their morning cereal. From there, they worked together to create a new invention to change breakfast for themselves and those who also suffer from the same annoyance.

Watch the journey from idea to invention below.

What is the one pet peeve you wish you could do something about? Why can’t you? Your creativity can get as wild as you allow it. Grab someone with the similar issue and work together to find a solution.

It may seem simple, maybe even silly, but The Milk Capper has helped many people who thought they would have to suffer through milk crusties for the rest of their mornings.

Imagine what finding the solution for your pet peeve could do for the other people in your life. Every difference you make counts, no matter how small it is.

You can see more about this invention at http://milkcapper.com/MilkCapper/MilkCapper.html

Do you have an invention you want to share with us? Email us at info@osirisorganiation.org!



Shelbie M. Moore

How To Make a Great Promo Video

People want to be informed quickly. We are now in the days of information and technology, which means whether you’re asking for donations or sharing an interesting tid bit you’ve personally discovered, people want to know about it in two minutes or less.

A lot of entrepreneurs have become hip to this knowledge and have decided to make promotional videos to create popularity for their brands. Videos raise awareness as well as funds. They can bring in an audience or turn them away. Look below at the best ways to make a promotional video.

Location Location Location!

Where you are in your video makes a huge impact for your viewers. Where you appear, or the people you have cast appear, gives viewers a place to look at while they are listening to your information. It puts a place to a product or a scene to a circumstance. Images are sometimes easier to remember than words. Whether you are live outside or you draw a backdrop, make sure it flows with your message and relates to your targeted audience.

Cut The Time!

Think about yourself when you’re watching videos you’ve come across on social media during your downtime. Would you watch a video longer than 5 minutes? What about 3 minutes? Many people wouldn’t watch a video past 1 minute unless they are truly interested in the information.

Make it Count!

Don’t give people a reason to skip past your video, give them a reason to press play. Record everything you want to say about your product or service. Make it as long as you want. Afterward, use your favorite editing software and cut the lag time in between your sentences as well as any repeated information you notice throughout your promo.

Here’s your homework!

Take a look at the promotional video below. What works? What could be different? How would you have approached this video? Let us know! Share your thoughts! We all are here to listen, learn, and educate.

Shelbie M. Moore

How to Avoid The Most People Mentality

It can be very simple to use the "most people mentality" to justify your current state of being. It's a trap we tend to fall into when the time comes to explain why we did not excel in an area knowing it was fully in our capability to do so. It's common. It's comforting. Sitting with the "most people hat" on allows you to think that because most people do not excel, it is alright for you not to do so either.

Today is the day where we relieve ourselves from the "most people epidemic". As simple as it is to fall in, we are going to give you some tips to climb out of this mentality.

Tip 1: Take Pride In Your Work
No one can do what you do how you do it. That's why you do what you do! Treat every tasks as if quitting is never an option. Think of all the people who will need you to finish what you started before you think about not dedicating yourself to your work.

Tip 2: Stay Focused
Focus your mind on what you want to find. Implement that work ethic into focusing your thoughts toward your end goal. Most people let distractions distract them from their purpose in life. Remember, you are not most people. You have the ability to keep facing forward. 

Tip 3: Improve From Feedback
Allow people you trust to give their input on your projects. Growing comes from trial, error, research and responses. If people give you feedback accept it, process it, and disect it, because those are the people that care about you. 

Overall, most people let things stop them from winning every day. You can avoid being most people by working hard, staying focused, and growing from experiences.

Take these tips, save them, and reflect on them whenever you have to do something that you know most people would never dream to do.

It's a good thing you're not most people. It's a good thing you dare to dream.

Shelbie M. Moore

You Can Be The Next Marques Brownlee!

Marques Brownlee (also known as MKBHD) began making videos in 2009 diving deep into technology, gadgets, and more. At only 23 years old he has created the 3rd most subscribed YouTube channel for technology. 

This charismatic video journalist posted the following video on October 27th, 2016 and in under a week it already has over 1 million views! He is so highly respected in the field of technology that the senior vice president of software engineering for Apple, Craig Federighi, has no problem giving Marques a one on one video highlighting Apple’s newest MacBook Pro.

Watching this video you see two men communicating with one another about computers. After you absorb the technology lingo and goofy jokes, you can really begin to appreciate Marques’ passion and appreciation for technology. The pure joy he has while conducting this interview is something that is achievable for people younger and older than he is now.

You can be great! We have the technology! Before the days of YouTube, we were excited if our names were mentioned in the Sunday paper for fundraising money for your school’s AV club. Now, we have more options than ever conceivable. We can promote our intelligent and dreams for literally the World Wide Web to enjoy and learn from.

You have a passion. You have a subject that you research daily and have so much information to share pertaining to it. Marques started off small and is now one of the most respected men on the Internet. Nobody but you is stopping you from being in his shoes (or on his screen). Don’t be afraid to share with the world what you know. You never know who you could meet in the process of discovering yourself.