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When mentoring isn't successful!

Bill Quote 9Wouldn't mentors choose to see all of our mentees become successful in life?  

Over the years I've witnessed many young men move into their lives becoming wonderful husbands and fathers.

But I've experienced many disappointing times as well.

There are those who were not ready for positive mentoring and were not able to incorporation those values into their lives.  

Witnessing their struggles was painful. Some have severely lost their way!  

One of the ways I got through the disappointment was to reflect on my life when I was their age.

The enormous feeling of guilt and shame of disappointing my grandparents was a heavy load to carry. I knew they loved me but I wasn't able to comprehend all their values and insights until later in life.

"Son, we know you are a little confused about what are trying to teach you. As you grow older we hope you would come to a point in your life when you will appreciate what we are teaching you."
~ William Henry Roddy, My grandfather  

When I reflect on all of the young men I've mentored who continue to struggle, I wonder: Was there something that I could have said to make a different outcome? Was I the blame?

The disappointments and life 'failures' are just as important as the lessons learned through joy, happiness and success.  

But the heartache as a mentor still remains!  

Keep up the wonderful mentoring. We are making a difference!