Time, Support, and Love Heals All Wounds

The healing begins where the wound was made – Alice Walker

There will be times when the pain of losing or being hurt is so severe that healing seems inconceivable. Although you may not have reached your goals, although you may have missed an opportunity, there is always the chance to heal yourself from the hurt so that you can try again.

Before the summer, I purchased two plants from my next-door neighbor: a tomato plant and a cayenne pepper plant. The plants had been plotted into two separate 5-gallon buckets. They were perfect because I didn’t have to dig a garden in my backyard and I still had fresh food within walking distance of my house.

Both plants began to grow enormous in size. Every time I walked outside there was a new tomato or pepper sprouting! Unfortunately, the tomatoes were so heavy that the branches supporting them began to break away from the main stem. The tomatoes were being stunted in growth because they weren’t getting enough water from the main stem.

My poor tomatoes needed water! I decided to use a piece of rope to support the branch that was splitting off. The rope was tied around the neck of the main stem and the branches that were falling.

After a week or so, the tomatoes started to grow again. Last week I went to check on the branch that was splitting. After removing the rope, I saw that the branch had reattached itself to the main stem! There was just small scar where it had healed itself.

My tomato plant continued to flourish. With a little love, support, and time it was able to regain its strength and produce beautiful food. Even though there was a small scar where the original tear had been, it was still beautiful.



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