Bill Roddy Finds Healing Through Mentoring

Mentors dedicate so much of their time and energy into their mentees. They do this so that they may see the fruits of their labors blossom one day. They are never surprised that their mentees excel in life and reach maturity.
Bill and Gail Roddy founded the Osiris Organization on the idea that urban youth deserved an outlet for their ingenuity, the tools to build their own success, and the positive reinforcement to support their dreams. Gail Roddy transitioned from this world June of 2016. During this difficult time, family, friends and colleagues reached out to Bill to offer support.

Bill and Post Secondary-Scholarship Recipients

Bill and Gail mentored young adults for years. Throughout that time, they have seen little boys and girls grow into young men and women. Since Gail’s passing, their mentees have proven how much they have learned about humanity and respect by coming to Bill’s side with an immeasurable amount of comfort and support.

Each year, Osiris Organization awards post secondary scholarships to a variety of students. Most of the students continue to reach out to give Bill the shoulder he needs.

To this day, Bill is still astonished about the impact several of the students have made on him.billandmenteepic

Bill and Post Secondary-Scholarship Recipients

Bill and Gail always stressed the importance mentoring because it improves the lives of young people who need adult guidance. Bill also wants to use his time to stress the reward of being a mentor. The relationship between the mentor and the mentee is one of value because it includes the possibility of a mentee empowering the mentor.

Bill wants to send his thanks to his mentees for helping him through one of the most difficult times he has ever had to face. The Roddys have had many jobs and have made many journeys, but nothing has been as rewarding as becoming mentors.

It has been refreshing for Bill to see his mentees become such strong and caring individuals.

He encourages everyone who is willing to find a way to experience the rewards of mentoring for themselves.


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Thursday, December 13, 2018
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