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Osiris Organization has a team of writers who are determined to motivate urban youth and those interested in the growth of urban youth. We like to emphasize the importance of youth and technology, entrepreneurship, mentorship, and love for one's self.
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Shelbie M. Moore

You Can Be The Next Marques Brownlee!

Marques Brownlee (also known as MKBHD) began making videos in 2009 diving deep into technology, gadgets, and more. At only 23 years old he has created the 3rd most subscribed YouTube channel for technology. 

This charismatic video journalist posted the following video on October 27th, 2016 and in under a week it already has over 1 million views! He is so highly respected in the field of technology that the senior vice president of software engineering for Apple, Craig Federighi, has no problem giving Marques a one on one video highlighting Apple’s newest MacBook Pro.

Watching this video you see two men communicating with one another about computers. After you absorb the technology lingo and goofy jokes, you can really begin to appreciate Marques’ passion and appreciation for technology. The pure joy he has while conducting this interview is something that is achievable for people younger and older than he is now.

You can be great! We have the technology! Before the days of YouTube, we were excited if our names were mentioned in the Sunday paper for fundraising money for your school’s AV club. Now, we have more options than ever conceivable. We can promote our intelligent and dreams for literally the World Wide Web to enjoy and learn from.

You have a passion. You have a subject that you research daily and have so much information to share pertaining to it. Marques started off small and is now one of the most respected men on the Internet. Nobody but you is stopping you from being in his shoes (or on his screen). Don’t be afraid to share with the world what you know. You never know who you could meet in the process of discovering yourself.

Shelbie M. Moore

Bill Roddy Finds Healing Through Mentoring

Mentors dedicate so much of their time and energy into their mentees. They do this so that they may see the fruits of their labors blossom one day. They are never surprised that their mentees excel in life and reach maturity.
Bill and Gail Roddy founded the Osiris Organization on the idea that urban youth deserved an outlet for their ingenuity, the tools to build their own success, and the positive reinforcement to support their dreams. Gail Roddy transitioned from this world June of 2016. During this difficult time, family, friends and colleagues reached out to Bill to offer support.

Bill and Post Secondary-Scholarship Recipients

Bill and Gail mentored young adults for years. Throughout that time, they have seen little boys and girls grow into young men and women. Since Gail’s passing, their mentees have proven how much they have learned about humanity and respect by coming to Bill’s side with an immeasurable amount of comfort and support.

Each year, Osiris Organization awards post secondary scholarships to a variety of students. Most of the students continue to reach out to give Bill the shoulder he needs.

To this day, Bill is still astonished about the impact several of the students have made on him.billandmenteepic

Bill and Post Secondary-Scholarship Recipients

Bill and Gail always stressed the importance mentoring because it improves the lives of young people who need adult guidance. Bill also wants to use his time to stress the reward of being a mentor. The relationship between the mentor and the mentee is one of value because it includes the possibility of a mentee empowering the mentor.

Bill wants to send his thanks to his mentees for helping him through one of the most difficult times he has ever had to face. The Roddys have had many jobs and have made many journeys, but nothing has been as rewarding as becoming mentors.

It has been refreshing for Bill to see his mentees become such strong and caring individuals.

He encourages everyone who is willing to find a way to experience the rewards of mentoring for themselves.

Shelbie M. Moore

Time, Support, and Love Heals All Wounds

The healing begins where the wound was made – Alice Walker

There will be times when the pain of losing or being hurt is so severe that healing seems inconceivable. Although you may not have reached your goals, although you may have missed an opportunity, there is always the chance to heal yourself from the hurt so that you can try again.

Before the summer, I purchased two plants from my next-door neighbor: a tomato plant and a cayenne pepper plant. The plants had been plotted into two separate 5-gallon buckets. They were perfect because I didn’t have to dig a garden in my backyard and I still had fresh food within walking distance of my house.

Both plants began to grow enormous in size. Every time I walked outside there was a new tomato or pepper sprouting! Unfortunately, the tomatoes were so heavy that the branches supporting them began to break away from the main stem. The tomatoes were being stunted in growth because they weren’t getting enough water from the main stem.

My poor tomatoes needed water! I decided to use a piece of rope to support the branch that was splitting off. The rope was tied around the neck of the main stem and the branches that were falling.

After a week or so, the tomatoes started to grow again. Last week I went to check on the branch that was splitting. After removing the rope, I saw that the branch had reattached itself to the main stem! There was just small scar where it had healed itself.

My tomato plant continued to flourish. With a little love, support, and time it was able to regain its strength and produce beautiful food. Even though there was a small scar where the original tear had been, it was still beautiful.


Shelbie M. Moore

Find A Place To STEM Out!

Sometimes we need to be around like-minded people in order to appreciate our own intelligence. Sometimes we strive for the feeling of seeing other people enjoy what we do, know what we do, and want to learn more about what we do. Sometimes it’s valuable for our youth to see everyone around them as ambitious individuals.

Seminars such as the one in the below video work as a tool of empowerment for our youth.  STEM programs (science, technology, engineering, and math) are forever growing in high schools and colleges and it’s important to keep that interest alive!

Although the summer is just about over and enrollment has already started, this seminars and weekend getaways happen all year round. This video was filmed in December at Carver College of Medicine.

Take a look around your local neighborhood! Or take a trip with your children! Explore what the world has to offer for your child’s future. It’s never too late to introduce the youth of tomorrow to a program that could benefit them today.

Shelbie M. Moore

Finally! Affordable Tech Based Toys!

We at Osiris pride ourselves on introducing technology to children and young adults. Gaining an interest in technology at a young age builds the bridge toward incorporating technology into future endeavors.

As quickly as technology evolves around us, it’s important to make technology fun and simple to understand for beginning tech enthusiasts. We stumbled across a Consumer Reports video from winter holiday time of 2015. The video shares six fun and interactive toys that get children interested in the possibilities of working with technology.

We not only decided to share the video with you, we also decided to show where to get more information about the toys in the video! Enjoy!

Tech Toys!
1.     Osmo: Numbers - https://www.playosmo.com/en/numbers/
2.     Kano Computer Kit - https://www.playosmo.com/en/numbers/
3.     Cleverkeet - http://www.toysrus.com/buy/toys/little-live-pets-clever-keet-28086-58397836
4.     Power Up 3.0 - http://www.poweruptoys.com/
5.     Skeye Pico Drone - https://www.trndlabs.com/product/skeye-pico-drone/
6.     Sphere-O BB8 - https://www.brookstone.com/sphero-bb8/939393p.html   

Shelbie M. Moore

Why Tech Entrepreneurs Should Attend College

Attending college is more than acquiring a degree in a particular field of study. It’s about becoming a part of a community so that you can begin to have new experiences, make partnerships, and learn from the people around you.
In the video below Nichole Pinkard, professor of computing and digital media at DePaul University, states that she is impressed that the digital software classes are in the same building as photography. 

Why is that important?

When you enter the world of computer programming, you begin to work on projects to aid or entertain people in their daily lives. There is nothing new under the sun. Many thoughts and ideas have been imagined, but not all have been executed. Even the ones that have been executed could always be improved by looking at them with a different perspective.

That’s what the college experience does for your mind. The college experience opens up a new world of inspiration. Many of us seek inspiration to finish or begin a project. On a college campus, around every corner, there is a new person with a new need to aid or a new experience to share.

College is about learning. Not just from your books, not just from your professors, but also from every other student who has a different outlook on life from your own. You’d be surprised what stories you hear from complete strangers that spark your next entrepreneurial idea.

Shelbie M. Moore

Controlling Your Mind To Succeed

Many people have heard of the law of attraction, the law that states that you can achieve greatness through positive, precise and productive thought. Some may agree or disagree with this law. However, the fact is that you will not achieve what you want to achieve unless you feel as if you can.

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you are right.” - Henry Ford

Many entrepreneurs in training want to give up on their dreams every single day. Many feel as if they are not unique to this world. That their gifts are common and no one needs their products or services. In fact, all entrepreneurs have had this reoccurring thought.

However, the successful entrepreneurs, the ones who are changing at least one life everyday, are the ones who were able to battle those thoughts every single day. They were the ones who thought, “this may not be the best idea for Mr. Costumer number 1, but Mr. Customer number 2 needs it for this reason”.

Turn your mind into a shield and create a sword with your words. Armor yourself with people who believe in your dreams. Battle the negativity with those weapons and protection. Pushing past the NOs make room for the YESs to flow in abundance. You can change yourself from an aspiring entrepreneur to a successful one. It all begins in one place: your mind.

Share the video below as a reminder to those around you that success is possible, it’s been done, and it will keep being done as long as there is the want to succeed.

Shelbie M. Moore

The Benefits of Working with Technology

Every day something new is created in the world of technology. Inventions range from phone apps to solar energy panels. With all of these new inventions, it would be crazy not to acknowledge the benefits of working with technology.

Benefit #1: Easy Ways Get Started

As popular as technology is, there are more people studying it and perfecting it every day. Everything you need to know about starting a career in technology is a click away! There are free Ebooks and Youtube lectures that could help you gain basic information about popular jobs in the technology world. We at Osiris Organization also offer hands-on technology training and entrepreneur programs. This way you understand how to profit from the skills you acquire with us.

Benefit #2: Always Finding Work 

Technology isn’t slowing down! Learning IT skills could take you anywhere in the world! Technology failure is not an option anymore. If a computer crashes, someone is going to call the IT department to fix it because they need their computer to get their work done!  You would never be out of work!

Benefit #3: Changing the World

People always need some form of help to improve their own lives. Technology is a great resource to distribute that help effectively and efficiently. The Internet alone has changed more than it’s share of lives. Thirty years ago, people were going door-to-door trying to spread whatever word needed to be spread. Websites for fundraisings, donations, and cause awareness are bringing attention to millions of people in one day!

The video below will show just some of the ways we use technology today. You will be amazed at how things have changed over the past thirty years and the possibilities that come with it.  

Shelbie M. Moore

A Note About Mentors

Your mentor is coming.

We at Osiris Organization know that in today’s time, a friendly face, a kind word, or a positive gesture can go a long way to elevate stress and inspire motivation. We were made to believe that strength and courage come with overcoming obstacles. No one wants to make you face those obstacles alone in order to overcome them.  

The most important thing about finding a mentor is accepting the idea that a mentor could help you. Mentors come in all forms through all avenues in our lives. They can show up at our jobs or someone can send a person to us.

The important thing to remember is that you are worth someone’s time and energy. If you feel as if your life is going to plan, now is the perfect time to mentor another person in the right direction.

You can change to world, one person at a time, or someone can change your world.

Please watch the beginning of this woman’s journey about how her mentor gave her a new outlook on life. Share it with anyone who could use a boost in his or her life.

Shelbie M. Moore

Big Dreams for All People

Children are taught to dream big. They are taught that they should reach for the moon, and even if they miss, they will still land among the stars. As these same children grow up, they start to see reality unfold around them. Things such as money, time, and work turn into distractions from their original ambitions.

These distractions have become the norm for budding entrepreneurs, but they don’t have to be! Lack of money, poor time management, and obligations to work are not stop signs. They are simply speed bumps on the road to success.

We at Osiris Organization wanted to share this video with those children who are becoming young adults, to those young adults becoming adults, and to those adults still trying to find their way in the world.  Every step you take toward your dream is worth it. It can be something as small as drawing out your future company logo, or as big as applying for a small business loan.

Anyone can stay busy by living life one day at a time. Those who want to become successful stay productive. They make every step count toward becoming everything they need to be to become happy.