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Alex Chan: Youth Entrepreneurship

School experiences are very important to lay the foundation of intelligence. Professional experiences are also very important to lay the foundation for success. Each experience works hand in hand so that people have the opportunity to achieve their dreams. In the professional world, you are expected to know the fundamentals of math, science, history, and […]

Vistaprint Bringing Technology Opportunities to Millennials

Many Millennials are only lacking one thing to make a difference in the working world: opportunity. Many Fortune 500 companies are trying new ways to reach out to Millennials across the globe. This age demographic is a well of technological knowledge as well as a passion for personal growth. Companies understand that they must have […]

My Entrepreneurial Journey! What I learned from my juvenile detention days.

Why is it important to reflect on the decisions we make? While being in residence at a juvenile facility I witnessed so many other young black boys dealing with the same issues I struggled with.  We made poor choices but those choices were based on how we lived, what we were taught, our constant family […]

The Code:Mobile

Not having a driver’s license is not going to stop these kids from a road trip! The Code:Mobile is an initiative created by Ladies Learning Code. Ladies Learning Code, founded in 2011, is a Canadian non-profit organization that inspires the youth to become builders – not just consumers – of technology. Ladies Learning Code has […]

A Lesson from Thomas Suarez

Today’s youth have enough intelligence to change the face technology. They understand that our resources for information have surpassed previous decades and they are ready to take advantage of it! But what are ways that HTML coding and prototype creation can help our youth entertain an audience, but also turn them into highly profitable entrepreneurs? […]

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