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Abandon Fear

Fear is the misunderstanding or intimidation of a person, place, thing, Or idea Fear will block us from progression If we allow it, fear can twist around our throats And speak for us   We mustn’t let fear control us   To give that idea of submissiveness such a power Limits our own determination We […]

Electric Butterfly

We sat on the edge of the grass Where the water met the soil We decided to sit on a blanket Beneath a weeping willow   He took a strand of the tree And shaped it in front of my eyes Two wings warped asymmetrically To form a small butterfly   He placed it in […]

Katie Learns to Empathize

Katie and her grandmother sat on a park bench one Summer afternoon. Katie’s grandmother had promised to take her somewhere for her 15th birthday, but all they had done for the past hour is sit in the park and people watch. “So,” said Katie. “What else are we doing today?” “We’re seeing a show.” “Awesome! […]

There Are Birds Here – Jamaal May

Jamaal May is a spoken word poet that I had to honor of meeting in Mount Pleasant, MI in 2014. In his poem, There A Birds Here, he speaks of someone who’s confidence paints a better perception of his city. – Shelbie M. Moore    There are birds here, so many birds here is what […]

The White Model

Denise frantically paced around the house. Her fiancé, Emmanuel, watched his soon to be wife run a rut into their new floor. “It’s going to be alright, Dee,” Emmanuel finally said. “The car will be fixed by the morning.” “But I need to get to the craft store tonight!” Denise whined. “Cabs are booked, buses […]

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