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The Business of Exchanging

College Junior, Erin, had planned to spend her evening fixing her roommate’s personal computer. After working on it throughout the week, she eventually realized the problem was hardware, not software. With her dinner by her side, she went to work. After some time, her roommate Robert entered her bedroom to check on his laptop. Her […]

Kimora’s Message

Kimora had been trying to complete a school assignment all week. She was supposed to raise money to donate to the homeless shelters for the Holiday season. Stressed out, she decided to go outside for some air. It was winter but no snow had fallen yet. It was still nice to be outside in a […]

Don’t Starve The Artists

Don’t starve the artists  For they can not think without nourishment There is payment in applause And acknowledgement There is wealth is appreciation And consideration That just because they do not wear suits Does not mean they are not about their business Their ties have been disassembled To their very fibers So that they may […]

Technologic Fingers

  Today we’re tracking fingertips Today we’re placing prints Today we’re looking at your hands And where they may have went   When you woke up this morning You checked the time of day You woke up when you needed to And you were on your way!   You brushed your teeth You washed your […]

The Library

I sat on the edge of my bed and groaned in frustration. My paper was due tomorrow morning and I couldn’t find any sources to support my argument. My mother walked into my room with hot chocolate. “How’s it going Lisa?” I sighed and continued to type. “Can’t find what you’re looking for?” “Not even […]

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