Entrepreneurial Program

Isn’t it about time that we started teaching youth and young adults the benefits of entrepreneurial development?

The sky is the limit once a positive foundation of your life has been set.

One of the purposes of Osiris Organization is to inspire young adults who previously may feel they have few options in life.

We act as an incubator for young entrepreneurs by assisting the conception, business plan development, business structure formulation and a host of other business development services and long-term support.

Osiris Organization’s staff utilizes their extensive business experience to mentor the young entrepreneurs. Starting a business isn’t for everyone, but newfound skills gained through the entrepreneurial program can greatly influence a dream to fruition.

We witnessed the dynamic sense of pride and leadership development through owning and operating businesses. Through business ownership youth and young adults have opportunities to create their own legacies.

“Hey Mr. Roddy, how are these new laws going to affect my business? Are we going to pursue the joint-venture business opportunities we discussed at our last monthly business collaboration meeting?”
~ A young entrepreneur

Businesses We've Helped

Right Choice Movers: http://rightchoice-movers.com/ 

Larry & Betty Hand: http://handsconstructionllc.com/  

"No one ever encouraged me to think about starting a business. As a business owner, I can see the benefits so clearly. Now I know what it means to be self-reliant and to be in a position to control my own financial destiny for my family and myself."