Life Skills Network

While one generation struggles to cope with the increasing pace and change of everyday life and the other generation knows their success is a result of having developed individual emotional awareness and the design of family support, the result is the formal design of a program of life skills.


Osiris Technology Pathways and North Hennepin Community College (NHCC) have compatible life skills programming missions which seek to provide services that assist adult learners with building skills on three levels: personal, academic and in workforce development. We would like to thank NHCC and their Diversity and Equity Leadership Program for their Life Skills partnership.


IF YOUR SCHOOL IS INTERESTED in our College Life Skills and Workforce Development Program and services, please contact Neda Kellogg at



The college/young adult Life Skills designed programming is for interested learners seeking to form currently unknown or known life and career areas into accomplishments which includes the learners’ input into tools and techniques that will meet their needs. 


OTP Life Skills programming includes: 

  • Recruit adults and mentors per classroom to assist with reading, math and the stem programs 
  • Provide stem-based learning to the classrooms during the school day and after school programs 
  • Connect students with professionals from a variety of backgrounds to give a world view of life 


Osiris Technology Pathways Life Skills programming includes: onsite, one-hour (1) monthly workshops designed in collaboration with students business professionals as guest speakers per workshop topics. 


Services includes: 

Workshops on-site hep improve confidence and job performance, increase the quality of work, independence, productivity, and efficiency.

Workshop Topics Include:

  • Vision Mapping
  • My Bottom Line Number - Financial Literacy in the Real World
  • Internships & Mentors - The Importance of a Support Team
  • Resumes & Me - How to Put Your Best Food Forward
  • Radical Self Care - The Importance of Evolving

Accountability Coaching & Mentoring allows students the ability to connect with a variety of experienced professionals.  Our professional mentors help students define their goals and develop life plans that work best for them.

Job Placement upon completing our workshops allow participants the opportunity to work with local businesses to provide potential employers the finest professionals to work with and are in line with their needed training experience and expectations.

Post-Secondary Scholarships support in the amount of $250 provide participants in the Osiris Technology Pathways a hand-up as they attend post secondary institutions, trade schools or certification programs


Workforce Development

The College Life Skills strategy brings together both the hard and soft skills career readiness programming in an environment where learners can practice envisioning their future goals and aspirations.   


Goals and aspirations are then defined based on the “skills gap” needed to determine their success and completion using workshops with on-site help to improve confidence and job performance, increase the quality of work, independence, productivity and efficiency. 




SEPTEMBER 19, 2017

Workshop 1 – Here I Am

How to decide on a career path when not sure of what you want to do for a career. Am I in the right major for what I want to do in my life?

Neda Kellogg and Bill Roddy


OCTOBER 17, 2017

Workshop 2 – Internships And Mentors

How do I get experience in career fields?

Guest Speaker:

Michael Patterson, CEO Kings Solutions, Inc

NOVEMBER 7, 2017

Workshop 3 – My Best Foot Forward

How do I prepare for an interview? How do I prepare my resume to stand out? (Attire & Presentation)

Guest Speakers: 

Oswald Cline-Cole Director Information Systems Travelers Insurance

Kenny Kalejaiye,
Data Science, BL & Analytics Thomson Reuters


FEBRUARY 13, 2018

Workshop 6 – Radical Self-Care

Taking care of you!

Guest Speaker:

Jaton White, Mental Fitness Coach Hope Foundation


MAY 10, 2018

Workshop 9 – Celebration!

Reflect, celebrate and surveys

DECEMBER 5, 2017

Workshop 4 – My Happiness & Bottom Number

How to pay for college and how to pick a job that covers basic necessities and loans.


MARCH 13, 2018

Workshop 7 – Assertive vs. Aggressive

How to stand up for yourself in a challenging school and work environments. How to ask difficult questions?

JANUARY 16, 2018

Workshop 5 – Your Natural Compass Managing your emotions, it’s important.


APRIL 10, 2018

Workshop 8 – Life Partners or Hanging Out

Relationship health/sexual health information. (Safer sex, recognizing abusive partners, etc.)