Gail Roddy Memorial Scholarship Program

Osiris Organization provides college bound youth who have successfully completed our program with post-secondary scholarship support. We make yearly commitments to youth who make successful satisfactory process at their post-secondary institutions.

After over 100 years, our mission is still “ Education for Employment...Education for Life.” We hold true to our mission, and hope to ignite in our students the knowledge that we believe in them, in their purpose and their own motivation that when they start here, they can go anywhere.
- Rassoul Dastmozd, Ph.D.President, Saint Paul College — A Community & Technical College

Throughout the world, there have been continuous attempts to reform education at all levels. With different causes that are deeply rooted in history, society, and culture, this inequality is difficult to eradicate. Although difficult, education is vital to society’s movement forward. It promotes “citizenship, identity, equality of opportunity and social inclusion, social cohesion as well as economic growth and employment” and for these reasons, equality should be promoted.
- Shrivastava, Meenal; Shrivastava, Sanjiv (June 2014)."Political economy of higher education: comparing South Africa to trends in the world".

Unequal educational outcomes are attributed to several variables, including family of origin, gender, and social class. Achievement, earnings, health status, and political participation also contribute to educational inequality within the United States and other countries.
- Ferreira, Francisco; Gignoux, Jeremie (2014). "The Measurement of Educational Inequality: Achievement and Opportunity". World Bank Economic Review
Gail Roddy
Post Secondary Scholarship Winner 2013
Osiris Scholarship Winner 2013

"Osiris's yearly scholarship support has made a huge difference during my college years. As long as I continue to pursue my higher education I know I can count on them supporting me."