Academic Mentoring Program

Working with educational organizations has led to 21 years of mentoring and academic skill building through reading comprehension pathways.  Mentors share their time and concepts of life skills and the challenges they are an essential part of meeting.


Osiris Technology Pathways is proud to partner with Mississippi Creative Arts School.


This merger will give students the advantage of introducing them to stem based learning, incorporating these skill sets with their artistic behaviors.


Osiris Technology Pathways and Mississippi Creative School of the Arts both have in common the desire to provide all students a quality and comprehensive education to ensure academic growth through the use of hands on experiences.  

Mississippi Creative Arts School is one of the first creative arts schools in Saint Paul.

Every student experiences the arts through music, dance, drama, visual arts, reading, writing, science and math.

They reach out to work with community partners so that students can participate in city-wide performances and experience the arts through the various partnerships the school has with community organizations.


The goals of the partnership are to:

  • Recruit forty-four (44) adults or two (2) mentors per classroom to assist with reading, math and the stem programs
  • Provide stem based learning to the classrooms during the school day and after school programs
  • Connect students with professionals from a variety of backgrounds to give a world view of life


Currently the school provides through technology:

  • Smartboards
  • DigitalWorks
  • Current technology equipment/service
  • Computer Labs
  • Mobile Labs
  • iPads

Osiris Technology Pathways looks to merge the Microsoft Imagine Academy into the Mississippi Creative Arts schools curriculum and their afterschool EDL program.


This merger will give students the advantage of introducing them to stem based learning, incorporating skillsets with their artistic behaviors.


This partnership will utilize Osiris Organizations relationship with the Microsoft store at the Mall of America and a variety of other amazing companies for a cutting edge, interwoven global experience for the students.