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Serene Company

We developed together Like a photo album in the making Anonymously we sat alone Twiddling thumbs Browsing phones Until our eyes locked behind a friend’s back I felt a heart attack Creep into my chest Up my arms and Pulsate into my eyes How could such a handsome guy Be walking distance Talking distance From […]

A Poem for Mae

I know a sistah who can fly She took her toes And pointed them into outer space The look on her face And she danced through the galaxy Still lights up the internet When you type in her name   This girl was masterpiece With a strong body She conjured health care plans To help […]

A Much Needed Reflection

I pouted in the mirror. My mom had done my hair in a style of baby two strand twists. My body still looked like I was eight years old instead of twelve and my skin was just starting to break out. Suddenly, before my eyes, my reflection changed. A woman appeared. She looked like me […]

Ten Miles Out Of Our Way

We go ten miles out of our way to get our groceries And my friend says to me Girl, you know there’s a grocery store right up the street It’s a waste of time to go out of your way And we both know that Time is money And you ain’t got the money to […]

Would you Answer Another Call to Serve?

Wouldn’t it be worthwhile to find your passion in life so you can uplift others through service?   “Bill, I would love for you to participate in my new initiative called Lead By Example MPLS.  Your book, Manhood From the Hood and its workbook would be a perfect fit for our literacy component.  Would you […]

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