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Honoring those who continue to inspire us.

When you think of home, what do you think of? Most people think of a physical object or place. When I think of home, I think of a feeling. Growing up, I moved 8 times in 12 years so the only thing constant about my home life was my family.   As I grow older, the […]

Adversity! A process I’ve learned to embrace.

In life, every person deals with his or her own challenges and struggles that can either hinder or make you stronger. I was taught that adversity introduces an individual to themself. It is easy to be positive in the good times, but who are you in the rough times? During the rough times, I believe, […]

Are we in trouble as a nation when being ‘popular’ is more important than being compassionate?

  As a mentor of youth I’m asked a thousand questions. Our youth are concerned how adults are living their lives, what we’re doing to the planet, how we treat one another in the quest for financial success at any cost. They watch our behavior! “Mr. Roddy, why are there so many unhappy people in […]

Isn’t it important to support our youth?

Community engagement is so important in the lives of our youth. Mentors, fathers, mothers, grandparents, relatives, coaches, teachers and friends do this everyday by the way they live. Youth catch more information by our example than our words.  #mentoringmatters,#positiverolemodels, #teachingbyexample Bill Roddy Bill Roddy founded Osiris Organization with his wife Gail Roddy to give at-risk youth […]

Wouldn’t you agree that true friendship is priceless?

Julian and I met over lunch.  I have always admired other men who get excited when they speak in loving tones about their spouses and kids. Over the years he has shared with me his values on being  a man, a husband  and a father to his sons. As I listened to him update me […]

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