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I Am Light

I am light Energy circuits trough the wires That connect me to myself   My slippers illuminate the hallways In the middle of the night I am an awesome sight I can feel a surge pulsate through me Like blood giving my body Minerals to keep living   I acknowledge my task in this life […]


Footprints was originally written for The Light of the Labyrinth: produced by Kathryn Hunter, Shelbie Moore, and Sean Houston.   As I parade down this pathway I see a pattern in the sand I take my hand and trace the lining Of someone else’s walking Another follows suit And I jump to follow the route […]

Extraordinary Effort

Did I tell you today that your effort is extraordinary? Trying is tiring But your need to thrive is inspiring I see the hour less of sleep And although you haven’t made your millions yet You are still wealthy to me   But who am I to appreciate you? Just a strange passerby that noticed […]

Do we need to go back to the basics?

Isn’t it inspiring to know that basics are being requested from employers?   While seeking collaborative partners for Osiris Organization over the last several months I’ve met with several successful business owners, CEO’s and managers. During our meetings I’ve asked them what they see as some of the most needed skills from youth adults entering […]

Being Mindfulness & Compassion!

 MINDFULNESS and  COMPASSION? We are preparing to feast on tasty food, spend time with family members, watch a little football and take naps from overeating. I recall the fun I had during the holidays on our farm in Arkansas in the early 1960s. There were no BLACK FRIDAY sales promotions.  I remember relatives gathering and […]

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