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Who We Are

Osiris Organization is a 501 (c) 3 community outreach serving youth and families in the Twin Cities.

Our mission is to provide life-enhancing skills for youth and families through computer technology and entrepreneurial outreach programs with the purpose of inspiring youth to grow into self-reliant and productive members of society.

We provide:

  • Computer Lab Infrastructure Development
  • Technology Training & Youth Employment Programs
  • Technical Support Services
  • Post-Secondary Support Program
  • Entrepreneurial Programs

Youth Technology Training & Employment

“Mr. Roddy, I’ve never had a job I really enjoyed until now.  I like the fact that I’m learning about technology and mentoring younger youth in my community while working in the computer lab. Now I know what you mean by being positive mentor. The young kids look up to me as their role model.”
- A successful youth, now a college graduate & working in the private sector

Wouldn’t you agree that providing technology training and employment is important for today’s job market? That youth peer to peer mentoring can inspire our younger generation?

Post-Secondary Scholarship Program

“Mrs. Roddy, no one in my family has ever attended college. We know it’s important and we thank you for encouraging and supporting us.”

We feel proud to have supported our youth’s dreams to attend college. With your support, we know we can continue this vital programming.

Words from Our Founders!

Why we started Osiris Organization?

During our youth, Gail and I had a support system to guide us along on our way to adulthood. This support system included extended family, teachers, coaches, and community.

We knew as youth, not every child had a positive and extended support system to guide them. Certainly, this is true today.

We’ve never forgotten how this support system encouraged our development through our education and beyond.

We wanted to BE a part of that support system for today’s youth.

It’s important.

"The history of civilization shows that no people can well rise to a high degree of mental and even moral excellence without wealth."

~ Fredrick Douglass, 1874