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Post Secondary Scholarship Program

Post Secondary Scholarship Program

Why was the scholarship fund created?

As the founders of Osiris Organization, they answered a request from girls in the Hennepin County Home School in 1997, to assist them in financially preparing for college.

Osiris Organization seeks to provide college-bound youth scholarships who successfully complete their programs and who are in need of post-secondary scholarship support. Osiris Organization makes yearly commitments to students who make satisfactory progress at their post-secondary institutions.

Who qualifies for our scholarship support?

Osiris currently partners with the Saint Paul Park & Recreation Rec Tech Labs and the City of Saint Paul’s Right Track Youth Development Program. Students enroll in these programs and if they are interested in pursuing secondary education, they can qualify for educational assistance.  We provide $250.00 scholarships per year to chosen students.

How many scholarships have been awarded to date?

We have awarded close to $25,000 in scholarship monies.

"Osiris's yearly scholarship support has made a huge difference during my college years. As long as I continue to pursue my higher education I know I can count on them supporting me."