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Networking Fundamentals

Networking Fundamentals Plus

Osiris Organization believes certification in Information Technology should not just be about getting hired – it should be about getting hired and also have the skills required to successfully maintain long-term employment with opportunities to rise through the ranks.

We know IT certifications alone don’t always lead to successful employment outcomes – especially for students from underrepresented communities – who may lack the sort of work-readiness and soft skills employers require.

Information Technology + Soft Skills = Networking Fundamental Plus

Osiris Organization has developed a specialized curriculum that supplements in-demand IT industry networking coursework and credentials, with the softer skills employers are looking for.

Students completing Networking Fundamentals Plus are better prepared to successfully obtain and more importantly, maintain living wage jobs in the field of technology.

Students not only gain in-demand IT industry networking knowledge, they learn the softer skills employers look for – like critical thinking, problem-solving, how to communicate effectively, and how to be a capable team player. Guest IT professionals supplement instructor-led training.

Students enrolled in Networking Fundamentals Plus received:

  • One-on-one mentoring
  • Assistance developing their resume and refining job interview skills
  • Job placement support
  • The opportunity to become certified as a Microsoft Technology Associate

For adults just starting out, between jobs, or simply looking to strengthen their skills to secure better employment opportunities, Networking Fundamentals Plus better prepares learners to successfully secure employment and build their careers.

In 2017-2018, 63 students enrolled in the course, which also prepares students to take a Windows Networking Fundamentals certification test to become a certified Microsoft Technology Associate. Among the students enrolled, 84% completed the course and 41% secured employment in IT-related positions. For those who do not pass the test, Osiris offers ongoing tutoring to help prepare students to retake the test. 

Technical Skills & Support Acquired in Networking Fundamentals Plus:

- Networking conceptualization Windows Server 2012, 2016 & 2019
- Microsoft Azure (cloud computing)
- Amazon AWS (cloud computing)
- WIRESHARK (networking tools)
- Teamviewer (remote technologies)
- Communication with Slack
- Basics Linux commands
- SalesForce Introduction
- Webinars and conference events
- In-class IT Professional guest speakers
- Interview support
- Resume review and support
- Microsoft Technology Associate exam - support
- Become Certified As A Microsoft Technology Associate

"After completing Osiris’s Networking Fundamentals Plus class and becoming certified, they helped me secure full time employment in just two weeks. It was the best thing that ever happened to me. Osiris changed my life.”

Osiris Organization Also Provides Employment Support

Osiris helps graduates of our Networking Fundamentals Plus class put all they’ve learned into a useful framework to search and prepare for entry-level IT positions.

Osiris has strong relationships in the field of IT so as students approach class completion, they are introduced to placement companies with the goal of obtaining work in the IT industry. We provide ongoing support until graduates secure employment.

If interested learning more about Networking Fundamental Plus classes, contact us HERE