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IT Workforce Development & Placement

IT Workforce Development & Placement

"More than 7,000 tech jobs remain vacant in our region while people of color in the region remain disproportionately unemployed and underemployed.”

Osiris Organization has been offering IT certification classes for several years. Being in the technology space for over twenty five (25) years we immediately recognized the need for technology based skill sets and the lack of trained adults in our community. 

We have offered several certification classes over the years and have partnered with other non-profits to provide IT classes, certification opportunities and IT employment placement services for their clients.

Classes: Instructor led classes taught by an IT professional of color

Certification: We offer exam vouchers for students to acquire their certification certificates

IT Placement: We review their resumes and provide mock interviewing sessions.  We then provide them with employment opportunities with our IT Placement partners who have placement contracts with local businesses.

YOU provide your commitment and time in using our targeted training opportunities that will allow YOU to update or learn new skills based on real, and in-demand jobs in your area.  We provide community-based appropriate entry-level employment programming. 

As an interconnected solution between achieving your future and an employer’s IT hiring demands, we use both online courses and instructor-led learning to move you toward the Microsoft entry-level certification.  While you,  

  • Work to prepare yourself for needed skills 
  • Understand the value of workplace learning for continued skill development 
  • Address the hiring demands of employers   
  • Become part of the high-paying, high job demand solution
Is Certification Enough?

While you study, you will be given specific use of additional tools and learn techniques as well as listen to professionals explain the importance of these tools and techniques in an employer’s workforce development strategy.  Then we will assist you in putting all that you have learned into a framework used to search and interview for that entry-level position you have spent the several weeks transitioning into.