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Why Does Osiris Organization Provide Reading and Math Mentoring?

Minnesota reading scores stay flat, while math proficiency declines

The latest test scores from Minnesota schools show no improvement in math and reading and little movement in the state’s persistent achievement gap for students of color — but state education officials are downplaying the results, saying they don’t provide a full picture of student or school performance.

Despite years of work to boost test scores and reduce disparities between student groups, statewide reading scores remained flat for the third year in a row, with 60 percent of students meeting state standards for proficiency in the 2017-18 school year. Math scores declined, with 57 percent of students meeting state standards, down from 59 percent a year earlier.

The hands on experience I gained as a volunteer for my community-based learning opportunity with Osiris provided me the confidence and experience that helped me secure my first full-time IT position.”

Business Leaders Worried

Charlie Weaver, executive director of the Minnesota Business Partnership, said the state’s education system must improve to ensure students are adequately prepared for the workforce.

“The fact is that Minnesota cannot succeed in a global economy if only 60 percent of our students can read or do math at grade level,” he said. “At a time when talent is in short supply and employers are desperate for workers, we cannot afford to continue to fail 40 percent of our students — many of whom are students of color.”

By Erin Golden, Star Tribune, August 31st, 2018

Mississippi Creative Arts School:

Mississippi Creative Arts School is one of the first creative elementary arts schools in Saint Paul.

Every student experiences the arts through music, dance, drama, visual arts, reading, writing, science, and math.

They reach out to work with community partners so that students can participate in city-wide performances and experience the arts through the various partnerships the school has with community organizations.

What do we do at Mississippi Creative Arts School?

Our staff, board members, volunteers, and corporate partners are partnered with a teacher to provide mentoring to students in reading or math. Our volunteers commit to weekly, bi-weekly or monthly visits to the classroom to mentor the students.

Our goal with the school:

Recruit forty-four (44) adults/two (2) mentors per classroom to assist with reading and math.

If you have an interest in becoming a volunteer please contact Bill Roddy at